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    The Best Interior Painting Trend This Year: Ceiling Painting

    As the premier painting contractors in Columbia, we do our best to keep up with the latest trends in painting and color choices. We strive to bring these to our customer's attention so that they can be the first to see new potential aesthetics for their homes and how to better affix their character …Read More

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    How To Master The Interior Residential Painting Trends This Year

    Interior painting seems to be so much trickier than exterior painting in both residential painting and commercial painting projects. It’s true, whatever colors you paint the exterior of your house you’ll have to live with for the next 20 years, unless you move, but the interior of your home you …Read More

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    Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior Part 2

    Welcome back to our residential painting trends for your exterior. In our previous blog, we discussed the rise of all-black and all-white painting due to the attraction of high-contrast style elements. These color palettes are derivative of the rise of contemporary designs which value high-contrast …Read More

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    Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior

    Home exteriors are interesting animals. Unless the weather is fair and you’re sitting on your porch, or you’re particularly observant when you’re walking into your home, most people give very little thought to the outside of their house unless they’re thinking of tending the lawn. For this r…Read More

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    The Benefits of Repainting Your House Interior

    In our last blog post, we took a look at some of the benefits of painting your house exterior. As professional house painters ourselves, we would be remiss not to write a follow-up article about the benefits of interior painting. Just like the outside of your house, repainting the inside reaps a num…Read More

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    The Benefits of Repainting Your House Exterior

    If there’s one inevitability that’s universal among most homeowners, it’s that you’re going to get tired of the way your home looks. Whether it’s the inside, the outside, the color of your home, the texture of your ceiling, or the way your furniture is arranged, everything gets old eventua…Read More

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    Fresh Residential Fresh Interior Painting Ideas

    Cabinet Painting Painting is one of those things you never really notice until it’s decaying or being renewed. This is why so many people forget that it is such an affordable and easy way to renew any space inside your house. A space should never be boring when it doesn’t have to be, but making …Read More