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    Use Color Theory On Your Next Painting Project Part 2

    Welcome back to the Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning blog. In our previous article, we discussed the simple elements of color theory and how you can use this knowledge to set a foundation for the kind of colors you can use for your next interior or exterior painting project. When you have a d…Read More

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    Use Color Theory On Your Next Painting Project

    The number one problem people have when it comes to painting their house is choosing the color. They get overloaded with choices and start to panic when they can’t find the perfect paint or when they find out a paint sample won’t look the same on the interior as it will on the exterior, or somet…Read More

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    Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior Part 2

    Welcome back to our residential painting trends for your exterior. In our previous blog, we discussed the rise of all-black and all-white painting due to the attraction of high-contrast style elements. These color palettes are derivative of the rise of contemporary designs which value high-contrast …Read More

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    Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior

    Home exteriors are interesting animals. Unless the weather is fair and you’re sitting on your porch, or you’re particularly observant when you’re walking into your home, most people give very little thought to the outside of their house unless they’re thinking of tending the lawn. For this r…Read More

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    The Benefits of Repainting Your House Interior

    In our last blog post, we took a look at some of the benefits of painting your house exterior. As professional house painters ourselves, we would be remiss not to write a follow-up article about the benefits of interior painting. Just like the outside of your house, repainting the inside reaps a num…Read More

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    The Benefits of Repainting Your House Exterior

    If there’s one inevitability that’s universal among most homeowners, it’s that you’re going to get tired of the way your home looks. Whether it’s the inside, the outside, the color of your home, the texture of your ceiling, or the way your furniture is arranged, everything gets old eventua…Read More

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    Paint, an Education

    Choosing a type of paint for the outside of your house can be a tedious endeavor. You’ll have to take into account weather, budget, color, and application. Whether or not the type of paint you want comes in something the brand of paint you need whether it’s latex and so on is another monster to …Read More

  8. Judging the Book By It’s Cover

    When you see a house, you see the paint, the color, the quality and how it fits with the rest of the house. It’s all about shades and flavors and so many factors that make things much more complicated than you would think. But that’s why Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning is here to lay …Read More

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    The Rooms You Should Paint Before Your Sell Your Home

    Thinking about selling your home? Focus on painting these rooms first So you want to sell your home? Luckily, in the market we’re in, selling your home shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if it’s one of these beauties here in Columbia. However, even though finding people who might be intere…Read More

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    Maintaining Exterior Painting

    How to Maintain the Look of Your Exterior Paint Job Whether you own a home or a business, you’re probably well aware that if the exterior looks dirty, then the aesthetic of the entire home is effectively diminished. We here at Change My Paint can’t stress the importance of a clean paint job enou…Read More