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Invest in the future aesthetic of your home in Lexington, Chapin, Irmo, or Columbia with our beautiful interior residential painting services. Together, we’ll guide you toward the best color choices for the inside of your home and we’ll ensure that you can make the most of your living space by brightening your space with a fresh take on style.
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Why Work With Change My Paint?

  • Group Chat Including You, The Office, Your Crew Leader, Project Manager, and Estimator During Entire Job.
  • Detailed estimates.
  • Communication lines always open during work.
  • High-quality workmanship.
  • Super dedicated long-term painters and project manager.
  • Complementary follow-up after every project.
  • Extreme attention to detail.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Impressive results.

Residential Interior Painting 

If you are looking for a change within your home, you do not have to resort to renovation and construction to achieve your desired look.

With professional interior house painting services from Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning, we have your transformation covered. While you may think that you can take care of your painting projects yourself, halfway through the taping and a few brush strokes in, you may begin to reconsider this decision. You may think that finding a reliable home painter is just as much of a hassle, but, when you work with us, you can trust us to get the job done, the right way, and at a price that is fair.

Hallway and entrance door in yellow.


There are many reasons our customers want us to do some interior painting for them. Some are buying a new home and need to have it painted before they move in. Some have kids moving out or newborns coming in and need that room ready with a fresh coat of paint. Even more painting is done for the simple fact that it has been many years since they painted and the walls or trim are just showing wear and tear or the color is dated. Maybe we are removing wallpaper and repainting a half bath. We also get calls to paint because of water damage from a leaking roof or HVAC unit. Maybe a big event is coming up and you have to make it perfect. There are hundreds of reasons to paint and you have a lot of choices. You are on the right path to finding an awesome interior painter. Keep reading.

What Kind Of Estimate Do You Really Want?

Every contractor does estimates differently. Do you want a lump sum written on the back of a business card after someone does a quick walkthrough of the job? We call that "Guesstimates". Or how about an estimate that doesn't break everything out so you can't see the individual prices? How about one that includes materials but it doesn't tell you the material they are going to be using? It's likely that you will get one or more of these kinds of estimates when you get multiple quotes. We do it different.

When we arrive to look at the interior painting you would like to have done, our estimator will join you for a walk-through to discuss the work. Once all the details are known, the estimator will go back through and measure every area that needs to be painted as discussed. The advantage of doing this, versus a "guesstimate", is that we know the proper amount of time required to properly paint the ceilings, walls, doors, windows, moldings, and/or the trim and cabinets. This way, we don't have to "hurry" and "cut corners" because we suddenly realize we didn't bid correctly. This includes covering items not to be painted, moving furniture, patching walls, caulking, and sanding as needed, painting, and then cleanup. Something most contractors always seem to forget. We don't.  

We measure every square foot of walls and ceilings, every lineal foot of crown molding, baseboards, and miscellaneous trim, and count all doors, windows, and cabinets. We have over 35 years of data to tell us how these things are bid and the cost. This is the only way to fairly quote a price to paint and give you a job that you expect. We will list each item separately with pricing. Materials will be listed and priced out separately. We are very transparent with our estimate and very detailed and it doesn't matter if the job is worth $800 (our painting minimum) or $16,000. We don't try to hide behind the 'lump sum" bid. We want you to know how we are at what we are at.

Our Interior Painting Process...

Once you accept the quote and the deposit is paid, the work behind the scenes start. We get the colors and order materials so they are ready. Create work orders, discuss your specific job with your project manager, and get you scheduled. The project manager will try to meet up with you prior to our start date to go over the work order and make sure we have not had any changes and to find out if you have any special requests such as where you want us to start snd so forth. Once the crew arrives, the project manager will introduce you to them and we will begin our work. This normally begins by moving any furniture we need to move and covering all areas not to be painted. We can then patch holes, caulk, putty, and sand as needed. Once the prep has been completed we get to the fun part, WE PAINT. 

Once we are complete, we will clean up and move to the next area until we are complete and you are happy. Our number 1 goal is that you are happy and will refer us to your friends, family, and coworkers and leave us with a 5 star review.


You made it this far...Now what? We hope you want a professional job and we would love to see if we would be a good fit for you. Below, you can set an estimate up at your convenience, call and have someone in the office set it up for you, and you can do a quick virtual estimate on your own to see what a particular area will cost for us to do. Providing superior painting services is not just our profession, it’s our passion; we would love to complete your project for you. From your ceiling to your walls, it is our mission to provide services you trust and love for years to come.

Whether you are in Lexington, chapin, Irmo, or columbia, we believe in making your interior visions come to life.

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