Free Lifetime Annual Touch-up Details

Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning, Inc. extends to all of its residential customers the benefit of free annual touch-ups on substrates that we have painted completely. All materials will be supplied by owner, either from leftover materials we left or from purchasing new. If we have to purchase materials, the costs including travel time will be billed for separately and is due upon completion.

So, What is Included?

Great Question. Let's understand that we are not there to fix a hole from a basketball or to repaint a bathroom. We are there to fix a scuff here and a scratch there. We know that life happens and we know things don't look new forever. That is why we offer this service. We want our paint job to look as good as it can for as long as it can.

We will send out one of our professional painters to your home. At that time, either you can show him some areas of concern or he can do an inspection on his own. Remember he is only there for free for an hour so be quick so he can do all he can. It is a good idea to have the materials located, labeled, and in a place he or she can easily access. At that time, the painter will use a small roller or brush to touch-up areas as needed.

We normally do not use a ladder as we are taking care of areas that have been rubbed against by kids, pets, or normal activities. On the exterior, we mainly focus on window sills, tops of rails, and anything that comes in contact with concrete.

What is not included?

There are some things that are not included in the free touch-up program. We have elected to not cover certain items because they, frankly, will not touch-up well enough for you to be happy. Those items include all walking surfaces, decks, fences, stained woodwork, and walls painted with paint sheens other than flat. We do not guarantee that all touch-ups will blend perfectly. What is painted, where its painted, what it is painted with, and what the painted surface has been exposed to, all play a role in how good the touch-up looks. If a wall is in the sun and after 3 years, we need to touch it up, expect the touch-up to show. But rest assured that we will be doing our best and want to leave it as if nothing was ever there.

What if the touch-up takes longer than an hour?

We do the first hour for free. This includes the time it takes to go over the work, do the touch-up, and clean up. If work takes longer than that hour, you have the option to let the painter work to finish in one hour increments. We will bill the extra time at our current hourly rate which we will be able to tell you when that time comes.

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