A question mark made of money

The Standard

There is no standard pricing when it comes to painting. Experienced painting contractors will calculate a specific job’s time to completion, hourly-rate, business expenses (insurance, vehicle, tools) and their required profit. Based off of this calculation they’ll offer you a fair price. Because of variable experience and knowledge, price points will differ from place to place.

A Typical Room

  • Classified as 12′ x 14′ with 8′ ceilings.
  • This will use 2 gallons of paint for the walls
  • Add a third gallon if you decide on two coats.
  • This will equal out to $85 – $160 for materials, depending on the paint you want to use.
  • Does not include sundries like caulking, putty, plastic, spackling, sandpaper, rollers, covers, brushes, or anything else that will be needed to paint the room.


  • The typical room costs between $225 and $340 for labor to only paint the walls.
  • Our average investment to paint bedroom walls is $275.00, plus material.
  • Painting trim can double the cost. It can vary based on the number of doors, windows, baseboard, crown molding, chair railing, etc.
  • The ceiling can add $75 and up.
  • Each painting job differs, thus, the price you receive may appear different.

Also, be sure to find a contractor with insurance, or else you’ll have no recourse if something happens to you, your friends or family or the painters while working on your home.

The Promise of Excellence

Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning takes pride in using the highest quality materials and experienced workers. Note that this will have an effect on our pricing. If you are looking for the cheapest price, builder-grade paint, or substandard work, we would not be a good fit for you. The superiority of a well-executed paint project is a noticeable addition to the investment of your home. Call us today for a detailed estimate on your new Lexington painting project. We cover all the costs of the estimate process for both exterior and interior painting and we are here long term for any paint projects that arise in the future.

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