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At Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning, we know there’s a litany of questions that come up when you first consider a new painting project. Is it interior painting or exterior painting? What colors should I use? Am I going to redecorate the entire room afterward? Will I be doing it myself or should I hire professional painters? How will this paint job affect my home’s overall value?

While we can’t help you answer some of those questions, we can clear up some of other queries surrounding painting contractors and their duties. We’ll do our best to outline the process and make it simplistic to make the decisions you need to get the most value for your time and money out of this home improvement project as possible. Browse our commonly asked questions below to see if you can get a few questions answered for your own project and cast some illumination over the process and what to expect.

How Does The Initial Interior Painting Consultation Go?

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Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning has a team of highly experienced estimators who can guide you through the process of painting your home so you feel comfortable. A typical consultation will take around 30-minutes, and they’ll walk around the property with you and allow you to point out various points you’re concerned with. After you walk them through, they may go back through to measure everything you requested for the quote. They’ll discuss possible color ideas and paint types and they’ll give you a varied pricing structure based on how much surface we’ll be painting, what type of paint you’re interested in, and how much detail oriented work is required for you individual project. Depending on the amount of work and detail, the estimator may present you with an estimate onsite or by email the following day.

What Should I Look For In A Good Painting Contractor?

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A good contractor will be courteous and polite above all. You should feel comfortable around then and open. A good contractor will be experienced and knowledgeable with your type of work and be able to discuss colors, options, and paints with you. The contractor will have a dedicated team that has been with him for some time. He will be insured and able to show you the workers comp and general liability policy to you.He will have references if you request them. He will have good online reviews. He will be timely and easy to communicate with. Here at Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning, Inc. we are proud of all of these qualities.

Why Are Some Painters More Expensive Than Others On The Same Project?

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If you’re comparing a variety of painters that are all licensed, insured and bonded interior painters, then there shouldn’t be a huge difference, but you can always get the charges itemized in the scope of work. The scope of work is a document that should come free with your consultation that outlines exactly what you’re being quoted for. Request a scope of work document before they leave if you’re comparing quotes, that way you can truly compare apples to apples with other people’s scope of work quotes. If you like another painter better simply because you’re getting a more customer service-orientated feeling from them, show them the opposite painter’s scope of work. It’s unlikely that they’ll refuse to price match and if they don’t they’ll give you a reason why the other painter likely under quoted.

Why Should I Care About The Quality of Paint My Painting Contractor Uses?

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What would you rather have Laphroig Isle Scotch or Evan Williams? One is going to last longer, be more satisfying and the other is just cheap. In regards to painting, it’s quite a similar idea. If you’ve gone through the trouble of researching a variety of bidders and going through the motions of a consultation with each painting company you dialed, do you want to throw all of that work away by just tossing a coin? Have the work performed correctly and invest in a paint that intends to stick around. Low quality paint will, at the worst chip and fall off in huge strips like wet wallpaper and at the best fade the color until your walls and trim look like they’ve been sun bleached and ravaged by the years. The whole point of this endeavor is to make your living space look and feel better. Don’t throw it away because of a smaller dollar sign, invest in the quality you deserve.

Downsides of Cheaper Paint:

  • Pungent fumes linger longer than initial 30 days.
  • Use far more fillers.
  • Lasts a smaller amount of time.
  • Often not backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Requires more paint to do the same job.
  • Walls won’t wash well and will scuff easily

How Do You Apply Paint?

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Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning’s skilled painters use a couple of different techniques. Our methods all depend on the finish of the paint you’ve chosen, where we’re applying it and what sort of surface is going to be accepting the coloring. We use everything from hand brushes to airless spray applications and much more.

How Long Will My Interior Or Exterior Painting Project Take To Complete?

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It’s hard to tell initially, but our scope of work quote will include the estimate for you exterior painting project as well as the types of paints we’ll use and how many hours we believe it will take to complete. As long as your painting project isn’t a special case, there’s no reason the initial quote will need to change, unless in the instance of weather the schedule is slight changed.

What If I’m Not Sure About Picking Out Colors?

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Actually, we’re here to help with that little thorn in your side. We’ve crafted many blogs that cover trends of the year, of the season and even cover the various ways you can put these trends and classic styles to use. Whether you’re looking into how to execute a beautiful addition of metallic paint designs to your wall or you’re looking to paint your room a beautiful light color that makes the entire room seem bigger, we’re here to help you decide. We have experienced designers who discuss everything about your interior design, and will include considerations about the finish of the paint and the various shades of a certain color and how that will play with the hues of the articles already in the room. We want you to feel confident in the beauty and richness of the colors you choose because we’re here to help you improve your living space, not question your sense of color theory.

Who Will Be there Throughout Painting Process to Answer My Questions and Concerns?