A cactus sits in a cement pot on hardwood flooring with a perfectly painted white wall behind it.

We’re sure you’ve seen them all over the place nowadays, Instagram accounts that specialize in interior design, Town & Country magazine, and surely, your own friend’s places. Inside plants are making a real come back and that’s for a couple of different reasons, but one of the main reasons is they’re becoming so popular is they have the ability to tie together a room in only a way that coordinated decor can accomplish. As we all know, coordinated decor starts with a comprehensive color scheme, often dictated by beautiful, smooth interior painting work. Getting the most out of your room and the furniture in your room, might just be as simple as finding a plant, a living thing, that could draw life into your home. For that exactly what makes those pictures on instagram so attractive, full of negative space and carefully placed furniture, it’s the wild piece in the space that draws the eye and the image together. Check out the best plants that can help you make the most of your color scheme and tie your room together with a special sort of unkempt beauty. 

Pencil Cactus

If you have a cat, you might want to skip this one or put it pretty far out of their reach as it’s a pretty hazardous plant if you’re trying to eat it (and let’s face it, they will try to eat it). But, that doesn’t change that fact that it’s one of the most unique looking house plants available and it’s one of the best looking succulents you can invest in. It makes a really easy to care for indoor plant because it doesn’t need much water , and it likes quite a bit of light. In fact, it only wants water maybe 2-3 times per month. Ot rewards you with interesting looking, pencil shaped branches that spout out of the soil in pure lime green colors that make an interior space feel summery and bright in any weather. This plant thrives in rooms with plenty of natural light, which pairs will with almost any color of interior painting you’ve chosen for the room. 

Recommended Interior Paint Pairings: 

  • Cold whites
  • Cool greys
  • Darker browns and blacks
  • Lighter yellows
  • Washed out pinks


This plant gets a bad rap after being nicknamed “the cubicle plant,” because there’s rarely a time when you’re interior decor goals are targeted on making a room look as much like a cubicle as possible. But, unlike quite a few office friendly plants, this plant is sure to bring quite a bit of life to a room, especially if you plant it in a pot that’s a little cuter than the ones you bring to the office. If you like vines, but you’re afraid you won’t have the green thumb credits to actually cultivate one, the pothos plant is the perfect starting point. You can place it on a ledge with plenty of room to grow and let it just go totally wild. It starts out small and well groomed and easily progresses into a slithering, sprawling vine that can cover a space with beautiful light green tones. Each individual vine can grow up to 10 feet long, which makes it great for second story bannister shelves, or the highest bookshelf. It likes lowlight and dry air, and it propagates quite easily. You can run a quick google search and figure it out, but if you’re trying to create a sense of unity throughout multiple rooms a great way to accomplish this could be to simply propagate the pothos and plant multiples in all of the rooms around your house to create a beautiful and easy to manage sense of unity.  Interestingly enough, the pothos has an additional advantage to it: It filters out a variety of different VOCs out of the air. VOCs, if you’re unfamiliar with them, are pretty hard to avoid in the modern day as everything from the average cleaner to your carpeting comes with them embedded within and they emit into the air around your home. Pothos itself specializes in purifying a couple of those from the air, specifically: benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene. 

Recommended Interior Paint Pairings: 

  • Nickel
  • Silvers
  • Light, Dusty pinks
  • Topaz Yellows
  • Navy Blues
  • Washed-Out Darker Reds

Aloe Vera

As one of the most aesthetic interior decor plants, it’s no surprise that adding a well-placed aloe vera plant in a beautiful little pot might be able to greatly assist you in tying a room together with a less-buttoned down approach. While aloe vera provides a sparse, often understated silhouette, it’s also hard to control and easy to grow. This ensures you’ll be able to provide a more wild, less planned out vibe to the room while still highlighting the pure saturation of color that envelopes the room. It pulls formaldehyde from the air, which is great if anyone in your house is fond of vaping. The dark green cactus is crazy easy to care for as it tends to enjoy sun more than water and will be alright with just one watering every month.  

Recommended Interior Paint Pairings: 

  • Silvery Pinks
  • Ash Greys
  • Rich Blacks
  • Yellow Toned Greens
  • Mauves
  • Sea Foam Palettes

String Of Pearls

The latin name is much less exciting and harder to pronounce “senecio rowleyanus,” but that might be the name you have to use to hunt this plant down at your local Lexington nursery. This is one of the more eccentric looking and certainly instagram worthy house plants on the list. It’s also likely the easiest to pair in any room with any color as it consists of a beautiful neutral light green tone. The shape is truly unique and the lively coloring of the plant is likely to make the most of any color scheme in your home with ease. The string of pearls plant is aptly named as it looks like a tumbling collection of little pearl shaped leaves of different sizes on string like tendrils. It makes the perfect plant for a hanging pot and can look beautiful in any type of lighting but it’s undoubtedly at its best in bright bedrooms and naturally lit kitchens. It’s pretty easy to take care of since it’s in the cactus family and merely needs loose potting soil and watering around 2 times per month to keep it healthy, green and pretty. 

Recommended Interior Paint Pairings: 

  • Yellow greens
  • Brisk whites
  • Periwinkle Blues
  • Indigo
  • Coral Shades
  • Pinkish Purples
  • Granite and Blue Greys

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