"Kitchen interior paint colors dos and don'ts" overlaid across the top of a kitchen

For most folks, they either are under the impression that you have to go all out on your kitchen, or you leave it entirely neutral. You’ll usually see lots of whites, browns, simple countertops and overly simple cabinets, but what if we told you it didn’t have to be like that? If you follow the dos and don’ts of kitchen decor, you’re entirely unlikely to fall into a yellow cabinet brown floor sort of situation. And if you do, they’ll all be tones that actually go together rather than the worst color combination you can pair together. Let’s explore the simplistic ways to keep your kitchen’s color scheme both beautiful, and anything but boring.

Color is Everything

You might gander at those black and white vistas of the New York skyline or the stretch of London’s towers against a cloudy grey sky matched with the grayscale of the buildings and think monochromatic is the way to go. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a simplistic, black and white color palette in your home, but we’d recommend choosing a room that’s not your kitchen. Throughout history, the kitchen has been a symbolic representation of the heart of the house. That notion stands in most folks minds and if they enter a kitchen that’s full of cold whites and blacks with no balancing warmer hues or sparks of color, the whole house starts to feel chilly. To avoid this, we advise that you use color intelligently and warm up the room. If you’re not comfortable starting out with cherry red cabinets, try just adding a slightly different hue to your walls. A tint in the paint can transform a space the previously felt stale.

Lighting Can Change Your Space

If you’re skeptical about color altogether. We’d recommend looking into adding color with a clever light fixture. You don’t have to go wild right off the bat with a Tiffany style pendant or deeply colored light fixtures to transform the room you can merely look into some metallic colored light fixtures with brushed gold or bronze colors to make the whole thing looks a bit sharper and add depth where it’s, likely, seriously needed. This can improve your kitchen’s color scheme in a big way. It can also make you more comfortable with adding more experimental pops of color like putting in a bright accent wall, or painting your door jams around the room with a spot of shimmering color as well.

Think About Weird Paint

We chatted about the trend of emerging weird paints in our last article that talked about stainless steel paint that’s perfect for kitchen accents as well as your outdated appliances. The other awesome, or potentially crazy, paint idea is chalkboard paint wall. You don’t have to commit to an entire wall, instead, you can try a door or a piece of a wall to start and then expand from there. It gives the entire kitchen a more whimsical feeling and adds a balancing factor with a powerful neutral at the same time.

Get a Color Consultation For Your Next Interior Paint Project

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