"How to give your kitchen the perfect interior paint makeover" over a picture of a dining room and kitchen

Metallics are so popular that designers are now claiming that they’re actually a form of neutral. From eyeshadow palettes to room color palettes, metallics are certainly everywhere. If your kitchen is lagging behind and isn’t covered from wall to wall in shimmering metal tones, don’t fret there are so many ways to update your kitchen without doing an entire kitchen remodel and overhaul. Your cabinets are fine and so are your appliances (as long as they’re still working perfectly). The answer to a modern kitchen without breaking the bank? A spot of interior painting.

The Newest Craze

Alongside metallics, some very creative forms of metallic paint have surfaced rather abruptly. Specifically, stainless steel paint is taking the kitchen world and interior painting world by storm.  It’s a fascinating piece of technology. You see, painting your dishwasher in normal circumstances is not encouraged. The appliances in your kitchen put out a lot of heat and moisture which are paint’s enemies. Additionally, that high-gloss look that all of your kitchen appliances sport isn’t exactly great environments for oil or water-based paints to call home.

Stainless steel paint, however, proves all of that totally wrong. It provides a high-end finish and extremely low maintenance requirements. It’s labeled “Liquid Stainless Steel” and it glides onto nearly any surface like an absolute dream. It includes large light-reflecting fragments in the paint to add that stainless steel luster and look. If you’re looking into this though, be sure not to opt for what’s called “stove paint.” That’s actually a type of spray-on paint which is not, at all what you want.

The Basics:

Stainless steel paint is not a specific color, but rather a finish. If you’re creative, that means this opens up a whole world of possibilities. You could slide it over any color and instantly improve the aesthetic in the room and, of course, the tone and hue can be adjusted with multiple layers if you’d like a higher saturation of color. If you’re hoping to match your new appliance with your older, less attractive appliances, we recommend ensuring there’s about a 5-foot distance between the various appliances as it will not look like the same color when compared to actual real stainless steel. That bit of distance between the two pieces, however, will render the difference hard to recognize.

Where Can It Go?

Nearly anywhere, essentially. Have some ugly backsplash that you’ve always hated? There’s no reason to have to jump in and try your hand at tiling. Instead, try a metallic shade in a way that all the top designers are suggesting. Additionally, you can make your vent hoods gleam with a dull shimmer that’s subtle enough to not draw too much attention, but will certainly enhance the overall look of the room. Hate the sheen on your faucet or the legs of your bar stool? Check out some updated metallic colors to incorporate the modern normal. Remember, you can incorporate metallics into your home decor without making your house look like the Jetsons. Need help with that? We’ve got you covered.

Contact Carolina Painting and Pressure Washing For Interior Painting

Our experienced designers would be so happy to help you design a new kitchen using just creative color and what you’ve already got. We can help you incorporate different shades of metallics in creative designs on your wall so you don’t have to resort to just doing your backsplash. Reach out to us and chat about what you’re thinking. We’re excited to bring your vision to life for your Lexington home.

With years of experience and tons of great reviews from other, good Southern folks who are happy about their residential painting experience, we’re certain you’ll walk away happy.