The words "why is ceiling painting on the rise?" overlaid across a picture of a man painting a ceiling

Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning has talked about painting ceilings before because they’re awesome. It’s a previously uncharted territory, or at least, the principle of painting a ceiling a different color than the rest of the walls. If you think about it on a color basis, you’ll easily realize that it’s a rather immediate way of updating your palette for an entire room because you’re adding another color to base everything else on. For example a black ceiling could provide a silky fathomless to any room, which coincidentally goes really well with cobalt blue and any tone of white. Boom, you’ve updated your room in a way that was previously not feasible, all with only painting what is essentially one wall. Don’t believe us? Listen to what designers are saying everywhere about how painting your ceiling is more than a trend, it’s transcendent.

Make Your Space Bigger

So many people think that adding a darker color to the ceiling, of any shae, will make the space feel closer and potentially even cramped. To those folks, we’d ask does the night sky seem close and cramped? No. Black ceilings actually make cramped, low-ceilinged room seem larger and the ceilings look higher. Bright walls and darker ceilings can help you put more vibrant colors in your decor into the space while balancing those out. Buy that mustard yellow chaise lounger and paint your ceiling black to pump up the drama and make the room seem bigger and grander.

Change the Mood of a Space

Sure, painting your kitchen cabinets a bright yellow will definitely make your kitchen seem brighter, but in small bathrooms and upstairs, secondary bedrooms? How do you imbue a personality into a space that inherently lacks it? Paint the ceiling. Paint creates impactful design anyway, but on the ceiling it’s amped up. Because the ceiling is usually an afterthought, it still carries weight when it’s breaking the mold. You can highlight your ceiling by adding a characteristic color that’s already in your color scheme and is already high contrast.  It can draw the eye while impressing your guests because it’s original. Which brings us to our next point.

Surprising Interest

Painted ceilings, as we mentioned are still pretty new as far as trends. Which makes them surprising in and of themselves, but you can capitalize that even more with an interesting style of painting. Try a weird texture, or take advantage of any natural interest your ceiling provides like crown molding or beams and paint those contrasting colors to the walls and to each other. It can help you keep your visual points of interest simplistic and chic on the ground and walls while making your space unparalleled and entirely unique. Be unexpected with how you paint your ceiling with a bold design.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

Interior designers are supposed to address every portion of a room. If ceilings are the fifth wall then leaving it blank is neglecting your duty as the resident interior designer for your space. Ceilings are supposed to be “the cherry on top,” for any room. Use it to your advantage to tie a room together whether it’s with a color scheme or a texture, leaving the ceiling without adornment leaves the room feeling empty.

Bold Design

While black is certainly an eye-catching color that can totally dominate the styling of a room, that’s not the only bold color you can choose. You can leave a room rather plain and then accent everything with an incredibly bold color that transforms the room for boring to complex in design hints. Take your rustic dining room and paint the ceiling teal, or bestow your sunny sitting room with a vibrant orange ceiling. It’ll totally transform your neutral dominated home one room at a time.

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