The words "The best interior painting trend this year: ceiling painting" is over a picture of various roller paint brushes smear color on a wall

As the premier painting contractors in Columbia, we do our best to keep up with the latest trends in painting and color choices. We strive to bring these to our customer’s attention so that they can be the first to see new potential aesthetics for their homes and how to better affix their character to their space and make it their own. We believe that color and the feelings surrounding it is one of the most efficient ways that you can make a home entirely yours. We have found that this ceiling trend is one of the most unique and effective ways to define a space. The trick is, though, to know how to pair the coloring of your ceiling with the colors on your wall. Below, we’ll guide you in a couple of different ways to take advantage of this unique idea and reap its benefits.

The Benefits of Interior Ceiling Painting

Mainly, it’s going to make your room look bigger. This trend originally took hold in both the Victorian era and again in mid-century modern homes with tiny rooms and slow slung ceilings. From a variety of designers’ last attempts to create the illusion of space in the room, they used a variety of darker colors on the ceiling. The key is in being able to balance those colors against each other because pairing a wall color with a white ceiling is a whole different color pairing task than pairing contrasting or like-hued colors. However, the unique look of the dramatic ceiling and the open feeling of the room is well-worth the hassle.

Balancing Color

We have a variety of articles regarding the various ways that you can go about pairing colors using color theories. The hardest part of understanding the color theory in a room, however, is based on the amount of natural light the room receives and where the light falls. Dark-colored ceilings, used to recreate the feeling of the night sky rather than a massive expanse of black, can either open the room up or close the room down based solely off of the amount of natural light. If you have big ceilings and plenty of natural light, you’ll be totally safe with a black or even dark navy blue or emerald green ceiling. This can even work well with an area that has plenty of natural light but is a small, relatively cramped room. If you’re very attached to a darker color adorning your ceiling, you might try spreading the color down onto the walls with painted crown molding or something similar to relieve the darkness the room might suddenly have then. Bright colors can also be equally tricky.

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If you’re interested in a color consultation to help you figure out how to capitalize on your own color schemes and the character of your home’s architecture, contact us. We can help you figure out the proper coloring for your newly painted ceiling based off of the various natural light and ceiling height. Together, we can redefine your architecture’s character and bring new life to your space. Read more about this unique trend in our upcoming blog where we’ll talk more about specific color trends and how our painting contractors can help you execute a new look for your Columbia home.