The words "The best interior painting trend this year: ceiling painting part two" is overlaid from on a picture of a paint brush in front of purple paint chips

Still intrigued by the idea of a beautiful, richly colored ceiling instead of your stark white one? So is Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning. We’re excited to get started on your next ceiling painting project, so we’ve put together a variety of color inspiration to guide your hand when you’re rethinking the color schemes of your space.

The Bright Color Guide

While it’s true that designers first started painting ceilings because of the idea of opening up a small, cramped vintage room, it’s expanded into its own living breathing thing. If you have vaulted ceilings and your room is in desperate need of a touch of personality you might look into some bright colors to catch the eye. Though, it should be noted that this is only compatible if you have white walls and pretty neutral toned furniture. That means, if you want bright yellow ceilings, you’re going to have to permanently relocate your floral red couch that you insisted on buying on sale. In other words, as long as everything in the room is monochromatic and your ceilings are nice and high, the bright turquoise shade from the paint sampling will look just great on your ceilings. If, however, that is not the case, you might consider a different colored white or sticking to a semi-neutral instead of a pastel shade.

Pairing Your Wall Color

Let’s say a couple years ago, you got with the cocoa colored wall trend and still have your satin textured creamy coloring on your walls. Can you still paint your ceiling? Sure you can, just don’t pair brown with yellow. If you committed to a crimson colored accent wall, you can still try out a dark, gunmetal grey color for your ceilings to make the ceiling stand out as its own piece of architectural detail without too much trouble. Don’t think too critically, use your gut when considering colors and don’t get overwhelmed. If you follow what your eye demands, you’ll find the color choosing process is much easier than you could have dreamed.

Color Recommendations

If you’re hoping to stay true-blue to the trend, you might find a couple of the 2018 top color choices to be of assistance. Our favorites are still caviar black, metallics and maybe even yellow. Metallics are the newest iteration of this particular trend as they’re meant to add the depth of a mirror to a smaller space, thus expanding the area even farther. Our favorite is muted rose golds and chrome colors with just a slight reflective quality to the paint, but we can see an argument for satin finishes too, as satin paints are generally better at hiding ceiling imperfections. Our favorite examples of black ceilings are always paired with contrasting crown molding. We’ve seen yellow gold and matching accent color crown molding around light fixtures and the border of the room that breaks up the drama of the hue very effectively.

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