A blue soaked roller brush rolls paint across an interior wall

Spring is finally sprung. The birds are chirping. The sky is bluer than it’s ever been and we’re finally getting the much-needed serotonin boost from the sun that we deserve. With all that pollen in the air and the little animals coming out of their winter hideaways, it’s hard not to feel the winds of change and want to act accordingly. After all, what would be more charming for your summertime guests than a redesign of  your home. You can show off all the new trendy style changes you’ve made and they’ll make your guests feel just as bright and sunny as they will for you. We’re here to show you how to refresh your entire home for the perfect springtime makeover.

Start Being Matchy-Match

Do you know what will look great with he spotted polka dot carpet that you picked up from Marshals? The same shade of blue for your ceiling. You’ve already done very well by choosing a brightly colored rug to brighten up your room in the first place. Designers recommend it highly as it opens up a room significantly and can mainly help older homes with characteristically smaller rooms look bigger instantly. The best way to take the top off of a room is to add a contrasting, darker color to your ceiling. This pop of color can easily make those rooms during the darker winter and fall months feel roomier and less dull.

Try For Color Consistency

While springtime inspires beautiful differences and contrasts, sometimes you can create a motif and carry it seamlessly throughout the whole home. We recommend choosing a color that you already notice you lean toward in your decorating. If you favor the Mediterranean look. You’ll likely notice plenty of gold tones in your decor, if you find that your style leans toward a Tudor-inspired theme you’ll find plenty of English walnut hues in your home. Refresh your paintings in your home by transferring all of your frames over to one specific color that can carry a theme throughout your home. If you’re not looking to create too much of a motif and you like the individuality of each room, maybe choose your accent walls color to match instead.

Paint Your Cabinets

While this is not what we’d categorize under an “easy” home upgrade, we certainly think it’s worth it. There’s no better way to upgrade your entire home than with this uber sharp color change. Alternatively, you could replace your entire cabinet system, or, you can make it look like you did with a chic coat of paint over the top. We think that in honor of the renewing springtime, that the color should pop. You might be surprised to see that yellow cabinets are one of the most popular color updates, but that’s because it immediately brightens up a kitchen and makes the space more welcoming. That being said, a warm neutral tone paired with stunning metallic fixtures and handles will be beautiful too. Admittedly, this is a much easier project if you hand it over to the painting professionals like your resident Lexington painting contractor.

Skip The Wallpaper, Commit to Paint

While wallpaper is certainly popular at this moment, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option available when you’re updating your home. There are plenty of negatives to wallpaper and one of them has to be the application process which is as sticky (pun intended) as you’d guess it is. Instead, you can always opt for a fresh coat of paint, and, if you’re not overly fond of patterns, that can still be achieved with a mixture of painter’s tape, color coordination and skill.

Start With The Closet

It’s not just the folks in Texas who like things a bit on the bigger side. For example, who would turn down a nice big walk-in closet? No one. If you’re fortunate enough to have a big beautiful closet in your home consider if you should just be concerned with the contents of the closet. We’d recommend giving your closet a fresh coat of paint to spruce everything up. It’ll be perfect for changing your winter clothes in for your spring clothes because they’ll look so much newer with a fresh background color.

Contact Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning

Ready to give your home the spring update you need? We’re here to make it much easier on you. Don’t consign a pair of jeans, shoes and a t-shirt to get ruined by paint. Let the professional painting contractors in Lexington take care of all your painting and home update ideas. We specialize in putting a new spin on everything you already have from pressure cleaning to dynamic, skillful painting services. Please reach out to us and tell us what springtime update you’re considering. We’re excited to help you get started.