"Simple design hacks that will make the most of your space's paint color scheme" overlaid on a picture of a couple in the middle of a painting project.

Small changes to a space you live in can make everyday change easy. It’s why painting is such a popular home improvement project. It can easily reinvent a space and make everything seem fresh and new. As a painting contractor, we’ve seen folks plan out the best color schemes for their rooms, as well as the not so great ones and we know what works and what doesn’t. So dive into a couple of our tips to make your space gleam like it’s shiny and brand new, even after you’ve lived there for ten years. Because most of the time, color can be everything.

Take Your Cues From Outdoors

Mother Nature does everything best. So taking a few styling cues for him will never hurt your chances of making your interior space look and feel better to occupy. There’s a reason Crisp white and rich browns go so well together, it’s the color scheme of a winter landscape. And warm oranges and reds pair like white wine and fish because of the way the fall leaves change.

Nature has found the most perfect color palettes for you to use and all you have to do is copy it in a clever way. If you’re looking to match the beautiful variegated grey of the aspen trunks for the tone of your ceiling, start with lots of negative space surrounding any powerful color combination. It makes the color pop more and give it a more subtle and controlled emphasis.

Use Your Matches

There’s no reason not to establish a sense of cohesive design throughout your house. If you establish a blue themed color scheme in your living room, spread it to the connecting kitchen with similar hue and accents. If you paint the trim a glossy gunmetal grey, paint that same color on all your baseboards. It’ll be the quickest way to establish deliberate vision throughout all of your decorating. This is especially easy if you choose a neutral color for your accent pieces, because you’ll be hard pressed to find a color that won’t match a neutral well.


No matter what color you choose to paint your walls, if you don’t pair your coloring with a good light fixture and light color it won’t look as good as it could. Pendant lights are popular right now, because it draws the eye upward and makes the room seem taller. Add a point of interest near the top of the light like crown molding and you’ll be able to make the entire house look and feel much bigger. In general, we recommend opposite toned lighting for your walls. If you have grey walls, find a warmer lighting, and with a creamy hued paint choice you should pair a whiter, cooler light as the balanced tones will take the extremes off both hues.

Don’t Fear Pattern

Those super in-style reclaimed wood walls and the contact paper shapes plastered to rental walls are examples of utilizing patterns cleverly and to your advantage. A good pattern can provide balance, a point of interest in an otherwise straight-line sort of room and unity if you match your colors right. Those grey baseboards or ivory colored crown molding in the living room can be reiterated in the same shade as a couple of sprinkled stars painted around the light fixture in your child’s room or in some ultra chic metallic triangles on the wall in your sparse, modern kitchen.

Use Small Points of Bright Color

If you’re a bit timid about the idea of employing a bright, stunning color for an accent wall or painting your entire kitchen a sunny yellow, you don’t have to totally commit yet. Instead, you can try out painting a small bathroom with a wild, rich blue color or paint the interior of a closet a complementing yet strong color in a  bedroom to start playing with big pops of color. This is a great way to incorporate bold color without having to totally commit to an entire room being bright pink.

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