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Color is easily one of the most influential things in our day-to-day life. There’s a reason it’s one of the first things you decide on in life when you’re finally asked “what’s your favorite color?” So it’s no wonder that people spend their lives playing with color, whether it’s on a palette and canvas, the rich paper and ink combination of a writer, or a home decorator. Whichever avenue you choose, it’s likely that you’ll use color as an avenue for a creative outlet for the rest of your life. In this collection of trends, we’ve managed to round up the best, most daring colors already on the burgeoning style scene for the rebels out there. These colors could offer excellent options for your next painting project to imbue your home with that bold southern style that has always been characteristic of the Columbia area.

Without further ado, here’s our favorite trending colors and styles to use them in:

Dark Yellow

Yellow is a creamy, bright color already. But the newest iteration of darker yellows bring to mind a richer, more velvety yellow than ever before. Gone are the days of timid pastels, this yellow isn’t a hint at sunshine; it’s the color of your campfire; it’s full and satisfying in ways that a pastel simply can’t be. We like it best for the detail work in your study, a warm, daring color that’s not red deserves a center stage tribute, but an entire wall of mustard yellow might be a bit much for the average homeowner. Start with decking out the baseboards and door frame of your office or craft room and let the negative space around the color do the talking so you can enjoy this gorgeous color for what it is: thrilling.

Geometric Paint

You may have seen this trend coming if you’ve been to the uptick in popularity for patterns and other painted points of interest beyond the tired, solid color accent wall. The geometric paint trend is on the rise. If you’re hesitant about committing to that much pattern, feel free to balance it with more white, the geometric pattern is yours to create, Pinterest is merely excellent for finding ideas. We like the incorporation of sharp right angles, and we’ve even seen some delicate honeycomb varieties rise in trends. Try a fresh metallic shade (beyond rose gold) and mix it with a neutral that will complement the space. Just be sure to choose a wall with plenty of natural light to both emphasize the beauty of your new wall and balance out the potentially harsher straight lines that could seem overwhelming if used in weird, poorly balanced color palettes.

Painted Flooring

New hardwood and tile is an expensive investment. But paint is affordable. You can even bypass the DIY portion of the project and head straight to the painting contractor professionals to take full advantage of the extra money you’re saving by not entirely replacing the flooring. We like the look of simplistic, pure and clean rooms with mosaic like flooring. This can turn your floors into the eye-catching draw that they need to be to really get the most from your new paint project. If you’re not attracted to the idea of a patterned mosaic tile look, we can always suggest a couple of bold, complementing colors that can make the flooring a point of interest without detracting from any of the design pieces you’ve already invested in.


While texture might seem a bit 70s, it’s actually making a tasteful comeback in the painting world. 2019 style trends are all about providing points of interest without detracting from the rest of the room. That’s why metallic shades are on such a rise, they can be featured tastefully without stealing the show from everything else. Consequently, that means using lots of negative space to your advantage. It’s essentially the easiest way to take a boring color, create a balanced level of consistency, while still staying modern. Your white wall that’s meant to make your squat ceilings seem larger and more imposing, doesn’t have to be boring. You can add texture to the paint in a chic way to make it seem more modern and less plain.

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