A blue dipped roller brush frames the words "a home exterior painter's opinion: why a color consultation will change your project"

Welcome back to Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning’s blog! If you caught our last article, we began discussing the various advantages to using our complementary color consultant when starting a project with home exterior painters. To create a truly dynamic and fitting color scheme, choosing a color consultant is the best route for several reasons.  

Keep an Open Mind

The best part about a color consultant is that they’ll be able to pick out hues and shades you never would’ve thought of before. These hues and shades are based on timeless appeal that can also manage to be trendy and pretty. After getting to know you, they might suggest something whimsical to go with your personality, like a shock of a jewel tone for your front door, or a dark trim to highlight the interesting architectural points on your residential exterior. Keeping an open mind will give you the opportunity to creatively express different parts of yourself, and the way you’ve fashioned your home in ways you’ve never thought of before.

Color Consultants Will Manage Expectations

The first thing your color consultant will mention is that you can’t trust the paint chips from the store. When a residential painting project begins, your painting contractor will first assess the material that they’ll be painting over, whether that’s wood shakes or shingles, bricks or anything else because that will change how the paint is applied and how it will look. Different materials require different kinds of paints and they’ll absorb that paint in a completely different fashion than other materials. This renders that paper printed sample you picked up from home depot rather untrustworthy. Your color consultant will be able to give you a more accurate idea of how that paint will appear on your home exterior once applied. They’ll also instruct you on how to view it in different lights, during the day, the night, and different weather conditions so that you get a better sense of how the color changes with time and different lighting.

Save Time on Your Residential Exterior Painting Project

Nothing saps time more efficiently than indecision. It’s actually the thing that’s going to take a seemingly simple project: paint your home’s exterior, and make it last at least twice as long. Painting a residential exterior is a time consuming and costly process and you won’t want to do it again if you decide in a year that you don’t like the coloring, so it can easily compound the stress of getting the color option just right. Don’t labor over color swatches and Pinterest boards for days before narrowing it down to 10 choices of nearly no line of similarity. A color consultant will help you efficiently narrow down your choices and weed out the ones that don’t have the timeless feel that you’ll need.

Contact Your Residential Exterior Painters

If you’re preparing to embark on a residential exterior painting project, contact the pros. Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning is prepared with a color consultant and years of experience in residential painting project. Add value to your home and completely personalize it with style and finesse with an exterior residential painting update.