Your South Carolina Premier

Painting Contractor


Kevin Wooten is our founder and lead estimator. He has lived in Lexington his entire life, going to Lexington High School and graduating in 1987. He loves the outdoors and the beach, boating, camping, snowboarding, ping pong, and pool. He is very detailed and strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction while providing his employees with an enjoyable workplace. He’s worked hard to ensure that his residential painting company has a broad net of communities, including Irmo, Chapin, Columbia and includes his home town of Lexington.

Wade Miller has been with us since 2014. He is originally from San Jose, California but relocated to South Carolina in 1989. Wade is engaged to be married and lives in Lexington. He enjoys fishing, football, baseball, and hunting. Wade works very well with our customers and always makes sure they are satisfied with his jobs.

Noe Correa has been with us since February of 2019. He is originally from Veracruz, Mexico but relocated to South Carolina in 2018. Noe is married and has one little girl. He has been a great asset to our company. Noe is a quick learner and is always ready to help out. He does great work and is quickly becoming our go to guy for wood repairs. He is a nice guy and is really liked.

Reyna and Amador have helped us since 2018. They are a fantastic husband and wife team who do excellent work. They love family time and horse races. They have two horses of their own. They are both from Mexico but love South Carolina. These are two people who never seem to be in a bad mood and they are an example of what a happy couple is supposed to be.

Molly has been with us for 9 years. She is the assistant estimator and is in charge of cleaning up leftover food and running off squirrels that may be around our job sites. She has been known to take the occasional dip in Lake Murray while on an estimate or job site visit. She is very shy. She is scared of little people and pretty much everything else...except squirrels. She loves chasing squirrels.