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When clients come to your office or place of business, you want them to be impressed. You want them to note that your building is as well-cared for as all of your projects and services will be. Don’t let your commercial building and site for you business fall into disrepair. Keep it looking sharp with the superior exterior painting services from Change My Paint. We’re dedicated to providing our neighbors in the Lexington area with high-quality service and unforgettable paint work.
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Why Work With Change My Paint?

  • Accommodating office staff
  • Written-out, thorough estimations process
  • You’ll always have a job foreman on site
  • Unique workmanship
  • Passionate painting staff
  • Follow-up after every project
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Competitive pricing
  • Impressive results

Commercial Exterior Painting In Columbia

While you may not initially think there is any difference between residential painting and commercial painting, it is important that when it comes to your commercial’s exterior painting, you hire the professionals to help you out. As South Carolina’s most trusted commercial painters, Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning provides you with years of experience and knowledge to ensure your building looks its best.
Putting your needs first, it is our goal to go above and beyond to leave you with result that can’t be beat.

By hiring the professionals, you are making the smart decision to reduce your costs and to protect your building using the highest quality paints on the market. Treating your commercial building with respect, we schedule our service around you. Putting your needs at the forefront of our concern, our mission is to deliver services that you not only love, but ones you need; this is what makes Carolina Painting & Pressure Cleaning stand out.

Backed by up to a 10-year warranty, and a beauty meant to last, our exterior painting professionals are dedicated to excellence. We know what it takes to make your building look its best. No matter the size of your project, we gladly accept the challenge providing you with the absolute best. From the trim to the window wells, the walls, and more, we believe in doing things the right way the first time on each commercial painting project.

Why Exterior Painting Should Be Good

As professional painters in the Columbia area, we can tell the difference between a DIY paint job and a professional paint job. But we’re willing to be that you can to. It’s not a stretch of the imagination for you to assume that whatever new paint job projects you start, you can do yourself. In this scenario though, we’re talking about your business that puts the bread on your table for your whole family. Are you willing to have an accident and end up with a paint job that doesn’t look professional that will drive customers away until you get it fixed? As painting contractors in the Columbia area, we care deeply about your success because you’re our neighbor. Let us help you succeed by ensuring your paint project is completed properly.
If you are looking for the one way to make your commercial building standout from all the rest, get in touch with us today at 803-957-4567 or fill out our online request form now.
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