1. The Best Plants to Make Your Interior Painting Shine

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  2. Kitchen Interior Paint Color Dos and Don’ts

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  3. How To Give Your Kitchen The Perfect Interior Paint Makeover

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  4. How To Use Interior Painting to Attract Home Buyers

    Painting can be a surprisingly powerful way to reform the vision and aesthetic of a room. Plenty of real estate agents will tell you to get a house inspection and in the same breath recommend a fresh coat of interior paint. While it’s always easy to go with what you think other folks would like …Read More

  5. Navigating Your Interior Painting Project: Color Guides- Part 2

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  6. Navigating Your Interior Painting Project: Color Guides

    Identifying trends that won’t benefit you in comparison to colors that actually fit the space and your own personality and style needs is a daunting prospect. If you’re attempting to sell your home, or even thinking about the prospect in the near future your paint colors are more important than …Read More

  7. 16 Must-Ask Questions When Shopping for a Painting Contractor

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  8. Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior Part 2

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  9. Trends For Residential Painting: Exterior

    Home exteriors are interesting animals. Unless the weather is fair and you’re sitting on your porch, or you’re particularly observant when you’re walking into your home, most people give very little thought to the outside of their house unless they’re thinking of tending the lawn. For this r…Read More