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Cabinet repainting and refinishing has been a large part of our painting business for the last 10 years. With the trends now going away from stained cabinets and more towards painted cabinets, we have adapted for the demand by installing a professional paint booth to do all of our cabinet spraying in. The paint booth is large enough to do the spraying and to allow for the cabinet pieces to also dry in a dust-free and contaminate-free area. This allows us to provide our customers with the absolute best is cabinet refinishing in the industry.

Along with our spray booth, we only use the finest products available to the refinishing market. This material is made specifically for cabinets in Italy using the finest pigments and binders in the refinishing world. Cabinets are a valuable part of your home. They are also one of the most used parts of your home. They should be refinished by taking no shortcuts and using the best materials and best equipment available. That is what Carolina Painting does.

We also have the ability to replace your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If you want to upgrade your older style cabinets with new shaker doors or raised panel doors, we can come out, measure, and provide you with a price to do that.We do not use MDF in any of our doors. They are custom doors and usually made of solid Maple. We also can upgrade cabinet hardware including knobs, pulls, and even the addition of new soft close concealed hinges.

Below is our Cabinet Painting Process Video for you. Hopefully it will answer any questions you may have about painting your cabinets


After watching our video on the cabinet painting process, please free to do your self service cabinet estimate by pressing the button below. This page will help you see what your particular kitchen cabinet job will approximately cost under average circumstances. If you have special requirements or items unusual to an average set of cabinets we will go over that at the time of the onsite estimate. The page below will give you a general budget amount for you to expect and is usually within a few hundred dollars.

We we will not be the cheapest cabinet painter but we do promise to do a job that will be more than you expect and better than any other painting company you will find.

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If you have thought about new cabinets or a fresh kitchen, you may have considered cabinet refacing as an option. I am sure there are some good companies out there doing cabinet refacing so I feel that sometimes that is a warranted solution. I am not sure how I feel about putting a laminate over failing laminate doors. I know they do put thin plywood on the face of the cabinet before putting laminate over that but not on the end panels or the interior. I know that I have seen a lot of laminate failure that was put on in a controlled factory. It has lost its bond or turned yellow. MDF doors have been damaged due to water and use. I also have never seen laminate cabinets in high end kitchens. We have painted laminate cabinets without any issues but the laminate needs to be sound. On those cabinets, we provided new maple doors and drawer fronts and disposed of the MDF doors. That also allows us to put the hidden soft-close hinges and new hardware on. If you are considering having your cabinets refaced, get some quotes, then let us quote you on painting and supplying  you with new doors and drawer fronts. I think you will be surprised between the cabinet finishes and the cost.