1. How To Use Interior Painting to Attract Home Buyers

    Painting can be a surprisingly powerful way to reform the vision and aesthetic of a room. Plenty of real estate agents will tell you to get a house inspection and in the same breath recommend a fresh coat of interior paint. While it’s always easy to go with what you think other folks would like  Read More

  2. Navigating Your Interior Painting Project: Color Guides- Part 2

    If you’re busy overthinking what colors you’re going to use on your next interior paint project, we’re here to help. Beyond the magic of Pinterest, and its occasionally, sometimes questionable style advice, there are actually multiple sources to help you figure out what colors go well together…Read More

  3. Navigating Your Interior Painting Project: Color Guides

    Identifying trends that won’t benefit you in comparison to colors that actually fit the space and your own personality and style needs is a daunting prospect. If you’re attempting to sell your home, or even thinking about the prospect in the near future your paint colors are more important than …Read More

  4. The Best Interior Painting Trend This Year: Ceiling Painting- Part 2

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  5. The Best Interior Painting Trend This Year: Ceiling Painting

    As the premier painting contractors in Columbia, we do our best to keep up with the latest trends in painting and color choices. We strive to bring these to our customer's attention so that they can be the first to see new potential aesthetics for their homes and how to better affix their character …Read More

  6. How To Master The Interior Residential Painting Trends This Year

    Interior painting seems to be so much trickier than exterior painting in both residential painting and commercial painting projects. It’s true, whatever colors you paint the exterior of your house you’ll have to live with for the next 20 years, unless you move, but the interior of your home you …Read More

  7. 16 Must-Ask Questions When Shopping for a Painting Contractor

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  8. Use Color Theory On Your Next Painting Project Part 2

    Welcome back to the Carolina Painting and Pressure Cleaning blog. In our previous article, we discussed the simple elements of color theory and how you can use this knowledge to set a foundation for the kind of colors you can use for your next interior or exterior painting project. When you have a d…Read More

  9. Use Color Theory On Your Next Painting Project

    The number one problem people have when it comes to painting their house is choosing the color. They get overloaded with choices and start to panic when they can’t find the perfect paint or when they find out a paint sample won’t look the same on the interior as it will on the exterior, or somet…Read More